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The Filling v2.5 for BB playbook game

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Overview :

The Filling v2.5 for BB playbook game

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Required Device Software:
Tablet: 2.0.0 or higher

Reclaim the filled area avoiding the enemies. While you are in the perimeter you are safe, but you have to venture into the area and return to the border to reclaim it. If the enemies touch you or your line or you touch your own line you lost a life.

If you liked classics like Qix or Gals Panic, you'll enjoy this game.

There are two game modes: Arcade and Episodes. In the Arcade mode you have five levels to will fight increasing number of enemies in three difficulty levels. In the Episodes mode you will need to solve eight levels with different enemies of several kinds, on some levels you will not be safe in the perimeter!

How to play: Yo just need to make gestures anywhere in the screen. If you want to go up, just touch the screen and move up,  if you then want to change direction, just make a gesture in the desired direction. You can combine several gestures for an incredibly fluid experience.

If you like it, please consider buying the full version. In it you will find 32 levels in the Episodes mode with new enemies and the Arcade mode is not limited.

Sound thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk
Some images thanks to http://www.pdphoto.org/, ARS Image Gallery, NASA and Antarctic Photo Library


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