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StarSlide v1.0.7 for playbook games

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Overview :

StarSlide v1.0.7 for playbook games
Required Device Software:
Tablet: 1.0.3 or higher

Stars have fallen from the skies and need to be be beamed back up through the magic portals to outer space.  That's the loose story behind the incredibly addicting and highly enjoyable puzzle game, StarSlide for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Each puzzle in StarSlide represents a new set of challenges for you as you attempt to swipe and slide the stars to portals in placed in tricky locations.  Use items to block passages and create paths for the stars in your quest for conquering them.  Not as easy as it sounds, the puzzles can become truly mind boggling difficult.

Download StarSlide today and enjoy 30 puzzles with more to come (the first 8 free).


Download Instructions:
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