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The Secret of Arcanesium v3.0.2 games

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Overview :

The Secret of Arcanesium v3.0.2 games
Required Device Software:
Tablet: 1.0.0 or higher

It all started when I received the message from Professor Baumgartner.

I was excited to know that Arcanesium was now a reality but…
..The professor had disappeared and he didn’t want me to contact him!!!

Ominous thoughts raced through my mind.
Was the professor in some kind of danger?
I had to find out…
…But first I had to get to the professor’s lab.

Enjoy the first episode of this entertaining point and click adventure to embark upon a journey to discover the ‘Secret of Arcanesium’

Simple point and tap game play aimed especially for mobile devices
Wide range of scenes to explore
Numerous challenging puzzles
Non-linear game play
Auto save game facility

For those who are stuck in the game get the walk through here


Download Instructions:
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