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Trickle v1.0.2 for rim playbook games

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Overview :

Trickle v1.0.2 for rim playbook games
Required Device Software
1.0.6 or higher

Trickle is a puzzle game that you cannot put down!

A marriage of Tetris and Sudoku that creates a deceptively simple puzzle game that will keep you plinking away for hours.  One part zen meditation and one part feverish scoring addiction.

Place numbered drops onto a grid to raise your score while setting up future chain reactions for even higher scores. Learn the gameplay in seconds, and adapt your strategies as you play more games.

Game features include:

1. Three Difficulty Modes
Choose from the Easy mode for beginners, a faster-paced Medium difficulty, or for the quickest games choose Hard mode.

2. Two Gameplay Modes
Play Trickle Up or Trickle Down depending on your mood.

3. Global Online Leaderboards
Compare your scores with your friends and others around the globe!


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: