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free Unsend Email apps for blackberry
Oops! Accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email to your boss? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient or include an attachment to an email. Ever regret sending an email & wishing you could 'unsend' it? Now you can 'undo' a sent email with Unsend Email. All future upgrades are FREE!

With Unsend Email, you will never have to worry about accidentially sending or forwarding an email to the wrong person. With the simple press of a menu button, you can 'unsend' an email moments after sending it. This is a must-have application - it can save you from being fired or embarrassed!

Visit www.UnsendEmail.com for more info.

Easily "unsend" an email moments after sending it
Ability to edit "unsent" emails and re-send or save it as a draft
"Unsend" buffer time configurable from 5 seconds to 30 seconds
Ability to disable Unsend Email without uninstalling application
Free upgrades for life!

Note: If you installed other email apps, Unsend Email may not function properly.


How To Use:

Install Unsend Email & configure the number of seconds that allow you to 'unsend' an email. Compose an email like you normally would. Notice the sent email will have a clock icon. For the number of seconds you selected in the Settings page, you have the opportunity to 'unsend' your email.

* Press the Menu button then 'Unsend Email'
* Open the unsent email
* Press the Menu button then 'Edit'
* Modify the email as necessary & re-send or save it


Does Unsend Email support PIN, SMS, or MMS messages?

No, only email messages can be 'unsent'.

I have a BlackBerry® Storm?, why is there a blue border around Unsend Email?

This is because Unsend Email is running in 'compatibility mode'. To disable 'compatibility mode' go to Options - Applications - highlight 'Unsend Email' - press the Menu button - select 'Disable Compatibility Mode'.

For questions & comments send an email to support@unsendemail.com or visit www.UnsendEmail.com

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