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Gist v1.0.45 for 9800 torch apps

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Overview :

free Gist v1.0.45 for blackberry 9800 torch, Torch2 apps
Blackberry 9800(Torch), Torch2
Gist for BlackBerry® smartphones is a personal tool that enables you to access and organize all your contacts in one place, updated with the latest news everywhere you need it.

Using Gist you will be able to more efficiently create a complete view of your personal and domestic networks and keep informed about those with whom you have a relationship. Gist enables you to access the right information at the right moment to help you prepare for a meeting, deliver an amazing pitch, or just find a better way to make a connection.

Here’s what you can do with Gist for BlackBerry smartphones on your BlackBerry® Torch™ smartphone:

– “Get the Gist” for a contact directly from an email or a meeting request by using the BlackBerry main menu.
– See a photo for each contact and start a text, email or phone conversation directly from Gist.
– Read the latest news and status updates for your contacts and share information with your network.
– Manage and view all your contacts in one place - use the “sort by Importance” option to highlight the people you're emailing and meeting with the most.

"Using Gist to learn about my contacts was completely effortless and really added a new dimension to communication."
–Jeff Grosse, @CRMFYI

Details for this version:

– Get news, status updates, and contact details for everyone in your network.
– See a unified contact list across email, social networks, and other sources.
– Use Search to navigate the contact list quickly, or sort the list by Name or Importance. Importance is a score based on your interactions with people in your network.
– Easily share a social update or news item via email.
– Add contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your email accounts to your BlackBerry smartphone by using the Gist web application together with Gist for BlackBerry. 


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