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Animated Weather HD + VOICE v4.5.3 for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Overview :

Animated Weather HD + VOICE v4.5.3 for BlackBerry PlayBook software
Required Device Software:
Tablet: 2.0.0 or higher

Animated Weather HD provides you with a stunning HD interface for checking weather on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.
- You can add an unlimited number of cities
- Very good international and USA locations support because it uses 3 different location providers simultaneously
- Weather maps for any country(International support) including clouds layer, temperature maps
- You can add your own URL to display such as webcam, other maps, etc.
- This is the only app for PlayBook™ that has international weather map support!
- UNIQUE feature:  Weather Voice! - the application reads to you the weather, temperature and current condition! The quality of voice, pronunciation is like SIRI assistant on Iphone™.
- How it feels temperature(RealFeel)
- 7 days forecast
- Humidity
- Ultraviolet index and skin cancer risk meter(like "High risk","No risk" etc.)
- Wind Speed and Direction
- Probability of Rain
- Fahrenheit / Celsius scales (metric/imperial units)
- Beautiful HD background slideshow with pictures that change according to current weather conditions (HD Videos are coming in next update)
- Manual refresh button
- Offline Mode(It will still display the last retrieved weather even if you don't have an Internet connection at some times)

- Swipe from top bezel to enter settings, swipe towards top bezel to close the settings page
- Weather forecast refreshes automatically (15 min - 3 hour)

- If you have any problem at all using it, or you would like a feature that is missing just send an email at animated.weather.hd@gmail.com and your problem/request will be solved or you will be REFUNDED.
- Please be supportive towards PlayBook™ app development and don't leave a bad review before sending an email at animated.weather.hd@gmail.com. THANKS!

This app is committed to become the best weather app for PlayBook™ and every buyer will have FREE updates for life!

4.5.3(4 July) - added a weather map gallery(temperature map,radar, satellite), and details for every forecasted day; added ultraviolet index
4.0.0(31 May) - added 7-day forecast and other weather details RealFeel temperature, observation date, humidity, wind speed and direction, probability of rain. Next update will include 15 day forecast and 12 hours, hourly forecast. Offline mode
3.5.1(7 May) - added and awesome and UNIQUE feature: Spoken weather! The application tells (speaks) you the weather!
3.0.0(20 April) - added weather maps from Google® including clouds layer and multiple surrounding cities weather, ability to close any window by swiping up
2.5.0 - major user interface redesign,faster weather update, better locations support(added another location provider),increased fonts and forecast icons
2.0.0: - added WeatherBug® as location provider so now, you should see the all your favorite cities when you search.
1.3.5: - first public release


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