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Battery Guru v1.0.2.1249 for playbook applications

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Overview :

Battery Guru v1.0.2.1249 for playbook applications
Required Device Software:
1.0.6 or higher

Maximize your battery life, and optimize your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ usage.

Battery Guru reveals your battery's secrets!  No longer are you limited to the simple "percent remaining" estimate.  Watch battery voltage, check power when using or when charging, and view a plot of past activity, with readings updated every two minutes (30s when charging).

You can even see the "health" of your battery, relative to the manufacturer's claimed capacity, and monitor changes over time so you'll know when it needs to be replaced.

The app keeps a record of all past readings, for as long as you want.  Keep weeks, months, or years of history, with an option to automatically purge older readings.

An export feature lets you retrieve the historical data in CSV form whenever you want, for viewing and analysis in a spreadsheet program.  Exported files are available in documents/BatteryGuru.

Battery Guru is carefully engineered to use no measurable extra power, so rest assured that you will not drain your battery by leaving Battery Guru running.  It works even when "inactive" or when your tablet goes to sleep.

Bonus feature!  Select "Allow Sleep" (default) or "Keep Awake" to prevent the tablet from going to sleep.  Use Showcase mode and keep any part of Battery Guru's window visible (even minimized) for this to work properly.  Useful when running other apps which don't properly handle the standby state (e.g. web-based streaming music players), or just when you want to observe the battery drain caused by another app, over a period longer than the standby timeout allows.

Future updates planned (to be prioritized based on user feedback):
• plot improvements: allow zooming, scrolling, selecting data to plot
• show time remaining for various modes of use (e.g. playing video, or music in standby)
• auto-disable Keep Awake feature after a specified time (or battery level)
• battery level alarm (e.g. when charged to above 80% or drained to below 20%)
• troubleshooting guide for common battery and charging problems

Warning: if an OS update removes support for reading the battery details, we'll repair the app where possible, but cannot offer refunds.

Change History:
• 1.0.3 (2011-08-16): bug fix: graph was actually showing 12h of data instead of 10h
• 1.0.2 (2011-07-19): first release


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