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MyBestShot v3.5.0 for playbook apps

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Overview :

MyBestShot v3.5.0 for playbook apps
Required Device Software:
Tablet: 1.0.0 or higher

As featured on Crackberry.com and PlaybookDaily.com

 "...end up with the pictures you want, and no battles to get them." - Crackberry.com

"The developer took everything into consideration with this app, from start to finish." - PlayBookDaily.com


Use MyBestShot to easily capture your child's smile perfectly or to finally get that great action shot without the need for precision timing. MyBestShot is a burst shot app for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ which takes a quick succession of photos, allowing you to review and save your favorites. Features include;

**Upload directly to Facebook (v2.2)

** Front and rear camera support

** Take up to 64 photos at once (other options: 4, 8, 16, 32)

** 3 Capture speeds (0.1sec, 0.25sec, 0.5sec)

** 3 Quality settings (1280x720, 1024x600, 512x300)

** Save photos as JPG or PNG

** Realistic physics scrolling gallery of thumbnails

** Double tap to enlarge photos when reviewing

Please leave any suggestions or improvements you would like to see and I will do my best to include them in future updates.

Please make sure you give the application permission to access the playbooks file system and camera or else you may find that MyBestShot does not function.

N.B The trial version only allows you to save ten photos


Download Instructions:
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