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Caro v1.5.7 Beta ( 9850, 9860 games )

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Overview :

The blackberry gobang game which can connected with BBM is the best choice for killing time when you are free, now provides 1.5.7 Beta to download.

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Blackberry 9850, 9860 
BBMCaro | Game caro Vietnam's first integrated social networking world's largest mobile BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) Social.
In the BBMCaro, the Menu will be:
Invite friends to play: Invite you to play. Or from outside the game screen press I to invite. Only in BBM list you have set out to invite new BBMCaro.
Invite friends to download: Invite your BBM list in BBMCaro download.
How to play:
Use trackpad / trackball / touch to it.
Who last 5 consecutive wins mark, 5 mark note on the front row is the winner regardless of the blocked 2 or 6 or 7 consecutive marks.
If you go off the board that no one wins, the game will air
Press C or Menu> Send Chat to chat during the game.
Status The top is said to turn anyone away.
Every design is the Record of opponents with a score of Win, Lose, Draw
Below is the chat log displays the contents of 2 people chat through playing together.


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