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Blaq 1.8.6 for BlackBerry PlayBook - Best Twitter™ experienc

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Overview :

Blaq 1.8.6 for BlackBerry PlayBook - Best Twitter™ experience
Version: 1.8.6
File Size: 1 MB
Required Device Software Operating System: 1.0.0 or higher

Introducing Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ The one BlackBerry® Twitter app you simply couldn't keep your eyes off of is now the first and only Twitter app worth your time and money on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. With a sleek, sexy interface and stunning design, Blaq is not only worth a look, it's a staple for any seriously social BlackBerry® PlayBook™ user. Don't be caught using the tenuously featured Twitter® mobile web while your friends are getting the most from their BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Twitter® experience. Download Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ today! Features: * Beautiful, intuitive user interface * REAL-TIME Twitter userstream support * Most Customizable * Native notifications * Translate tweet * Native or editable retweet support (hold down on RT to edit) * Reply all (Hold down on Reply icon) * In-app notifications * Username auto-completion * Full user profile view * Web and image previews within Blaq * View your lists curated from Twitter.com * Multi-account support * Search people and tweets * In-app support for all 211 embed.ly services (YouTube, Tumblr, Posterous, SoundCloud, etc.) - Full list here: http://api.embed.ly/ * URL shortening with the custom bl4q.me shortener, bit.ly or Twitter * Photo posting - Twitter, TwitPic, Img.ly or yFrog


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