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Weather+ HD v1.0 - World Weather Reports and Forecasts

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Weather+ HD v1.0 - World Weather Reports and Forecasts for blackberry playbook
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Required Device Software:
Tablet: 2.0.1 or higher

Weather+ HD: Get the current weather conditions and 4-day forecasts in your city & anywhere in the world!

Off on an impromptu trip to a new city and wondering whether you'll need to pack your umbrella or a winter jacket? Planning a family picnic, but not sure if the nice balmy weather will hold out? Now you can plan ahead and be prepared for any weather with Weather! Weather+ HD is your personal weather channel which brings you weather forecasts right on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™!

Rain or shine, wind or snow; Weather+ HD gives you an accurate weather report of the current weather conditions and forecasts in your city and just about any location from around the world! All kinds of weather are brought to life on your device, with spectacular images which dynamically change to reflect real-time weather conditions. Not just that, this Weather app also textually displays whether it's cloudy, lightly snowing, heavily raining and more! These features make it easy to instantly and visually see if it's sunny, foggy or snowing! This pocket radar will provide you with a short-term forecast of heavy rains, storms and other severe weather conditions.

• View the current weather conditions including:
  1. Today's Minimum temperature and Maximum temperature
  2. "Feels like" temperature
  3. Wind direction and speed
  4. Humidity details
  5. Air Pressure information
  6. Precipitation information (rain, snow, hail etc.)
  7. Visibility details
• Weather forecast of the next 4 days with Minimum temperature and Maximum temperature.
• A GPS tracker to identify your current location and display the current weather conditions there.
• View weather conditions and forecasts for over 2 million cities from around the world.
• Add up to any number of locations and track the weather conditions & forecasts of each of them.
• Swipe the screen left or right to switch between chosen locations
• Dynamic weather background with changing animations, to reflect real-time weather conditions and also day time / night time of any given location.
• Textual display of weather conditions like Overcast, Icy fog, Light Sleet, Moderate Snow etc.
• Displays current time and date of chosen locations
• Hourly updates of both current weather conditions and forecasts.
• Choose between metric or imperial units for the temperature and wind speed: Celsius/Fahrenheit and Miles/Kilometres
• Choose between 12 hour or 24 hour time display

Don't ever let the weather take you by surprise again! Get Weather+ HD now and stay abreast of weather conditions and forecasts anywhere, anytime!


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