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Personal Assistant v1.4.0.100 (30 Day Free Trial)

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Overview :

Personal Assistant v1.4.0.100 (30 Day Free Trial)
Required Device Software
1.0.0 or higher

Personal Assistant is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) that maintains its information on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  The initial release manages contact information. Future release will expand this to include calendaring.

* Contact information includes: Full name (salutation, first, last and suffix), nickname, organization, title, emails, work phones, home phones, cell phones, work fax, home fax, work address, home address, categories, custom fields, time zone, access, sex, birth date, anniversary date, hidden, and notes.
* Four custom fields with custom labels.
* Ability to hide contacts
* Limitless custom categories.
* Choice of standard list or business list layout.
* Choice of secondary information in 'Standard' contact layout.
* 'Business' contact layout includes organization, email, work phone and cell phone.
* Show current time of contact in their time zone.
* Photo
* Photos auto re-size
* Quick filtering by last name, first name or organization name
* Filter by category
* Quick list include work phone, home phone, cell phone or email
* Email composer pop-up (pending final device)
* Default country, state and time zone on new contacts.
* Ability to recover deleted items up to 30 days.

Calendar Events:
* Coming Soon


Download Instructions:
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