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Bed-Buzz V1.3.3 - Free Talking Alarm Clock

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Overview :

Bed-Buzz V1.3.3 - Free Talking Alarm Clock
Required Device Software
1.0.6 or higher

Bed-Buzz is the most beautiful, useful talking alarm clock available on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  The paid version has over 50 great reviews and now you can try it for free!  This is not time limited, this is a fully working free talking alarm clock.  So what are you waiting for, download it now! 


* Greets you in the morning with your name.

* Tells you the current time and date.

* Reads you today's weather forecast for your current location

* Large snooze button for sleepy fingers

* Multiple theme options

* High Contrast Mode Option (large green text on a black screen).

* Adjustable volume and snooze length

* Tap the weather icon at any time to read today's weather forecast

* Easy to set multiple alarms

* Advanced alarm settings: enabled / disable for specific days of the week

* Gets your location using GPS, or your zip/non-US postal code

* Alarm sounds even when app is in standby

* Temperature reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius

* Has Keep-Alive Option

The paid version has all these great features plus:

* Choose from 3 different voices, US Male, US Female, and UK Female

* Add an additional message for your greeting, like "You are awesome!!"

* Plays your favorite mp3 from your song collection (also includes choice of 6 beautiful preinstalled tracks to wake up to)

* Add your own background photo

If you have any comments or questions regarding feature requests or problems, please email us at support@comantis.com . We will get back to you usually within 1 business day.  Feedback is always welcome.


Download Instructions:
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