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Psychrometrics Deluxe v1.1.1

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Overview :

Psychrometrics Deluxe v1.1.1
Required Device Software : 1.0.0 or higher
Psychrometrics Deluxe is designed for Mechanical engineers, HVAC engineers, Test and Balance technicians, HVAC controls technicians, commissioning technicians and students taking HVAC design or thermodynamics. The purpose of the app to calculate the psychrometric properties of air based on known / measured variables such as altitude, dry bulb temperature and either relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, or dew-point. From the known properties, other psychrometric properties such as enthalpy, humidity ratio, specific humidity, absolute humidity, specific volume and partial vapor pressure are calculated. Knowing the properties are especially useful for engineers and field technicians to troubleshoot HVAC issues.

Besides calculating from a single air stream or condition, Psychrometics Deluxe also calulates the properties of two mixing air streams, and the capacity of HVAC components (latent and sensible) based on entering and leaving air conditions. Finally, Psychrometrics Deluxe plots all of the calculated points on the psychrometric chart. Multiple points can be plotted with connecting lines to demonstrate mixing and capacities of a piece of equipment.


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