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Best Anti Virus softwares v2.0 (Free)

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Overview :
Best Anti Virus softwares v2.0 (Free share)

Protects your mobile phone against viruses malware and spyware.
Antivirus scanner with DEEP-SIGHT ability to look for threats in your smart phone
 - Automatic REAL-TIME virus scanning of apps
- Antivirus Database Auto update.
 - ON-DEMAND antivirus scanning
 - Fastest Antivirus
 - Look for threats in the downloaded files
 - Automatic antivirus database updates
 - Scan installed apps SD card content and new apps automatically
- File and Folder scan
- Phone Cleaner
- Application Scan
- Battery Booster
- Easy-to-use
- Suitable for any device
- Ultra fast scanning engine
- Minimum system resources required

Suitable for all BlackBerry models.


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