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Magellan Compass Maps v3.0.0.104

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Overview :

Magellan Compass Maps v3.0.0.104 for blackberry playbook apps
Required Device Software:
Tablet: 1.0.0 or higher

Map Quest and Open Street Maps navigation application that allows the user to search, navigate, bookmark and GPS track for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  Option to cache map data to the device for quicker access and for off-line usage.  Many different layers of data can be overlayed onto the map. Tons of features making Magellan Compass the best mapping and navigation application for the PlayBook.

Many features of the application does require an Internet connection.  The user can choose to cache map data that allows the application to display previous map information off-line.

If you do get GPS, restart the device.  It is not an issue with the application.

* Map Quest data provider
* Open Street Maps data provider
* Easy navigation to accelerate panning and easy finger zooming
* Multiple types of GPS heads up display
* Multiple map types including maps, satellite, and hybrid
* Automatical map caching for off-line usage
* Max speed warnings
* Real-time traffic for the U.S.
* Real-time traffic incidents for the U.K.
* Real-time weather radar overlay for the U.S. Along with radar animation.
* Real-time airport status for the U.S.
* POI weather forecast
* Flick (www.flickr.com) photo layer
* Yelp (www.yelp.com) business location and routing layer
* Bookmarks for quick multi-location map locations
* User-defined Points-Of-Interest markers associated with bookmarks
* Auto-remember location for quick address lookup
* Directions and guidance system
 - Multi waypoints
 - Lookup by GPS, Address, Previous, Lat/Lon, Places
 - Directions, Guidance, Optimized
 - Road type avoidance selection (e.g. toll roads)
 - Naviage via auto, bicycle, or waling
 - Textural guidance
 - Voice guidance for turn-by-turn instructions
 - Additional voices can be downloaded
 - Waypoint management
 - "Via" waypoint routing
 - Auto cache map data along route
* On-device user's manuel
* Copy lat/lon locations to clipboard
* POI management
* Record GPS track to GPX files
* Context POI menu
* Extensive preference choices to customize application behavior
* Multiple languages supported


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