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Scientific RPN Calculator v10.0.18

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Overview :

Scientific RPN Calculator v10.0.18 for blackberry playbook apps

Required Device Software: 1.0.0 or higher

The ultimate scientific calculator for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. This application combines a gorgeous look and feel with a large array of numeric, trigonometric and statistical functions. Turn your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ into the ultimate math and science companion!

This calculator looks and behaves very much like the famous HP1xC range from Hewlett-Packard so users of these calculators will feel right at home with it. It is however not an emulator. Users who are new to RPN (Reverse Polish Notation, a.k.a. postfix notation) calculators will be able to quickly learn how to use it thanks to the comprehensive built-in manual. IMPORTANT: An RPN calculator DIFFERS from regular arithmetic calculators. Please make sure you understand what an RPN calculator is and how it differs from a regular calculator before purchasing this app!

The most important features:

- Full blown unit converter with over 20 properties and tons of units to convert to and from
- Unlimited stack with UNDO, stack roll and many other operations
- 10 continuous memory registers
- Comprehensive set of numeric functions and trigonometric functions including hyperbolic functions, coordinate conversions and numeric conversions
- Configurable scientific and engineering display modes with user defined precision
- Configurable separators
- Advanced statistics functions exactly mimicking the HP calculators such as linear regression, y-intercept and r, permutations, combinations and standard deviation properties with many different units.
- Real-time stack display
- Stack inspector
- Gorgeous design
- Visible keyboard feedback
- Comprehensive built-in manual
- Active development: More features will be added in the future


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