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Alpha wing EX

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Overview :

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Alpha wing is a basic shoot em up which revolves around the usual 'aliens are trying to destroy the last remnants of humanity and you are our only hope' scenario.

The graphics are pretty basic and reminiscent of the old console shoot 'em ups like R-Type. The background of deep space is dotted with stars and the enemy ships are colourful to a point. Weapons and shields are pretty standard and the graphics don't have you salivating with excitement. They are pretty solid though and there are lots of colours.

The sound is cool. There is a main tune when you load up the game and also in the game itself. The tune is actually quite good and not annoying like most game tunes. In addition there are sound effects when you??re shooting or collecting power ups and when you die.

The control system is still pretty straightforward and you can use the D or key pad to move your ship around. There is an autofire setting or you can use the 5 (or main) key. Finally your shields are activated by the zero button but these don't last forever and will automatically be recharged once drained. This may leave you open for enemy attacks. The one drawback with the controls on this game, is that the ship wasn't as responsive as I would have liked. For shoot em ups, this is key (ask me about the famous Mills story which happened at a games arcade a while back) and so in the later levels the lack of smoothness in moving is more apparent and lets the game down a little.

The playability is quite good, there are two types of power up and plenty of levels. You can restart from any level you have completed and so the game is fun to play. Also, with the levels themselves, they increase in length the further you go on, although there are check points for the longer ones so when you die you don't start at the beginning of the level. The game didn't offer anything new or groundbreaking, but was just a solid shoot em up. There only seemed to be two power up icons on each level which was a bit of a shame. The power up changed between the two types (multi fire or stronger firing) after about 3 seconds and the colours were denoted by yellow (for the multi firing) and blue for the stronger firing. I would have preferred more power ups and more types (especially a smart bomb of some kind). You also have a shield which you can use. This will protect you from enemy fire but won't allow you to fly into enemy ships or the background (ie you're not invulnerable). The shield has a bar which decreases and then will build back up again once you have finished. The only problem is once you turn the shield on, you can't turn it off and so once on it will deplete until finished and then recharge. The autofire is optional which is a good feature.

The lastability is not bad and just shades the playability. As I mentioned above, you can start from any level you have finished. The game also allows you to upload and view high scores which is a nice touch. The game is surprisingly addictive (hence the award) and for some reason I kept coming back to play it. Even on the later harder levels you can keep playing until you get the hang of where the enemy ships are and a little hint (especially for the old guy playing his shoot em up on the train next to me the other day) ?? you don't have to shoot all the enemies on the screen. In fact, it's quite hard to do this at any time so you'll be finding yourself dodging and using your shield a lot.

Overall a solid game which is surprisingly addictive to play.

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