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Blackberry Messenger BBM 5.0 9000 apps

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free Blackberry Messenger BBM 5.0 9000 apps download
Blackberry Messenger 5.0 aka BBM 5.0 is available to download for free on most new BlackBerrys from OS 4.5 through OS 5.1, includes BB Storm, Tour, Bold, Curve and OS 5. This messenger supports PIN barcode scanning rather than find your PIN and reading or sending it, you will be able to scan a barcode to get the PIN. Just press the barcode option and another BlackBerry with a camera can scan it, sms support BlackBerry devices are finally getting threaded SMS support and much more. Download at tinyurl.com/kvo4td for BBM 5.0.
Blackberry 9000 Bold Series (480*320)


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