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MenuX v1.5 for BlackBerry apps

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Overview :

MenuX v1.5 for BlackBerry apps free download
MenuX seems to be like another variation of the famous app QuickLaunch for BlackBerry.  It was originally available back in May, but it looks like it went through an update to version 1.5. Some changes in this version include:

Change the user interface for easily to use
Restore, Backup or Transfer the restored Data to other device
Add a Wifi menu item for turning ON/OFF the Wifi right in the Blackberry system menu

The only difference we see here is that MenuX puts itself in the regular menu when see when hitting the BlackBerry (menu) button.  By looking at some of the screenshots of it, there’s a lot of different things you can add to the menu.  Features include:

Easy to access, navigate and input entries
Add a symbol or icon next to each menu item
No device reboot required to operate
Negligible impact on device memory (87.3 KB)
Seamless integration with BlackBerry menu
Built in Help for easily to use!


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