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Application Resource Monitor v1.0.0.35 for os7.1+ apps

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Overview :

Application Resource Monitor v1.0.0.35 for os7.1+ apps
File Size: 233 KB
Required Device Software:
Smartphone: 7.1.0 or higher

Application Resource Monitor (ARM) is an application that provides a service that will monitor third party applications to watch for background system resource abuse (which causes accelerated battery depletion) and will automatically close these applications.

-ARM monitors applications that are not in the user's focus:
-When an application is in the background
-All applications when the display backlight is turned off
-Users are notified of applications via the notification banner
-Users are able to disable automatic closing of applications
-Users can tell ARM to not monitor the application via the notification
-Available for BlackBerry 7.1 only


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