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Talking Bunny v1.0.0 for 99xx apps OS 7.0

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Overview :

Talking Bunny v1.0.0 for 99xx apps OS 7.0
size: 4.08 MB
model: Bold 9900/9930, 9981    

Talking Bunny - Just Rocking!

★★Promotion: Please write your reviews at App World, and then email us with your phone PIN and Rocking Bunny at Subject, we will help you to activate the app for FREE forever!

Bunny is a star of rock, country and classical music. He will play music for you, just press the guitar behind him, or touch him, you will meet the coolest rocking rabbit! :)

***Please, the app doesn't auto voice recording and funny play, hope you can understand and do not leave negative review for this... :)


1. Real 3D animation, and each animation is created by unique idea;
2. Talk to him, he will be happy to repeat your words;
3. Bunny is cool and really attractive;
4. 2 songs and more than 5 animations, classical and cool!

Guarantee satisfaction:
If you find a bug or have a feedback, kindly write email to us, we can assist you well or provide revision asap, because we could not reply App World Reviews. Let's make a great app together! :)

i hope you enjoy the bb game.


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