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Pandas vs Ninjas v1.6.0 for 9810, 99xx games

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Overview :

Pandas vs Ninjas v1.6.0 for 9810, 99xx games
OS 7.0
size: 11.59 MB
model: Torch 2 9810, Bold 9900/9930, 9981  

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Ninja Shooter, Ninja Breakout.. and.. Pandas vs Ninjas!
This game available now on BlackBerry® App World™!

Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas Free with the following features:
- Excellent animated graphics with brave characters
- Beautiful sounds

Let the fight begin!

Help Pandas to defeat Ninjas in this fun and innovative physics-based game!
Defend Pandas' homeland by fighting Ninja invaders and destroying their camps.
Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realistic physics simulation!

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