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BeClock Day 1.5

Tag: BeClock Day
Overview :
A desktop clock APPS, suitable for model OS7.X, Now it 's free ~ Enjoy ~

Version: 1.5
File Size: 122 kb

Blackberry 9220, 9300(Kepler), 9320, 9330, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9380,  9620, 9790, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, p9981

1. Simple standard OS6/7 layout, very easy to use;
2. Real BlackBerry® 10 clock in homescreen with correct time display; (date display might be added in the updates)
3. Folders are working on OS7 devices;
4. Perfect Asian language support;
5.No web link inside.

1. Restart your BlackBerry® or pull the battery right after you activate the theme;
2.If you find your "media","favourite" tab not working, go to theme option , and reset the theme setting;
3. Use FEEDBACK to contact me for tech support, bug report or share your suggestions;
4. Don't forget to write a review, it's very helpful to me and other users;
5. I appreciate anyone who rated 5 star or recommended the theme, thanks for your support :)


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