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Dr. Bill 1.0.9 for bb passport,playbook apps

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Overview :
Dr. Bill 1.0.9 for bb passport apps

Dr. Bill is a Medical Office Assistant in your pocket. He makes billing for in-patient work fast, secure, and transparent. 
#### Dr. Bill Saves Time (lots of time) ####
How do you keep track of your in-patient work? Index cards? Spreadsheets? Are you certain that you're not losing thousands of dollars due to untracked MSP rejections?
Dr. Bill makes billing MSP for your in-patient work easier than ever. When you see a patient, simply snap a photo of their hospital label and add a billing item and diagnoses. That's it. No more data entry. No more paper.
Our experienced, in-house billing agents will review every claim and submit it to MSP on your behalf. If there are holdings or rejections, we will follow up and make sure they're paid. 
#### Dr. Bill Is Smart ####
We're building MSP's billing rules into Dr. Bill, so you can get smart, on-time billing suggestions at all times. This means fewer rejections and more payments!
#### Dr. Bill Is Secure ####
You can protect the data with a 4-digit passcode. Dr. Bill encrypts all sensitive data both in transmission and during storage. The data is stored on secure servers in Canada and never shared with anybody.
#### Dr. Bill Is Transparent ####
Using the Dr. Bill website, you can trace every claim every step of the way as we process it and send it to MSP. When MSP processes the claim, you'll be notified of any rejections or holdings. You'll also see which ones we're actively following up. Dr. Bill makes sure no claim falls through the cracks.

Supported Devices:
BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30


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