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02 - 08

ItsMe! 1.1 - share your contact info with NFC

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Overview :

ItsMe! 1.1 - share your contact info with NFC
size: 667 kb
Blackberry 9360, 9620, 9790, 9900, 9930, 9981

Full Description:
ItsMe! let's you share your contact information using NFC (Near Field Communication) in simplest possible way. You need to select contact entry that will represent you on the first run. Then you just need to run ItsMe! application and your information will be shared using NFC!
See how it works on video demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caibiSePjyQ
Now with P'9981 inspired icon! You can change it using "Change icon to P9981 style" from menu. Because of API limitations, icon will revert to standard after reboot of the device. To change it back to P9981 styled, just run ItsMe! - you don't need to select menu item. At any time you can go back to stock icon by using "Change icon to default" from menu. ItsMe! works only on devices that support NFC technology (like BlackBerry Bold 9900). To receive your visit card, other side needs to have NFC enabled. Operating system in version 7.1 is required.


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