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Extreme v1.0

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Overview :

Extreme v1.0 for blackberry os6.0+ apps
File Size: 6803 KB
Required Device Software:
Smartphone: 6.0.0 or higher

The EXTREME Sports App connects the Extreme Sports community through unique video, picture and geo tagging facilities. With EXTREME Ambassador and community endorsed skate and BMX locations as well as posting and rating interfaces the EXTREME App is distinctive in its unique social connectivity.
EXTREME app features
-           Register to become part of the EXTREME app community
-           Build the content by uploading BMX and Skate pics & vids of you and your friends
-           Check out, rate and comment
-           Add, recommend and rate Spots
-           Ride a Spot and add your own pics and vids
-           Search for Spots near you
-           Share with BBM
-           Facebook & Twitter integration
-           EXTREME Ambassador information and Spot recommendations
-           Vote for other sports you would like to see in the EXTREME app
The EXTREME app is for BlackBerry device software version 6 or greater.


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