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TV on the Go V1.2.0 for blackberry 10 apps

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Overview :

TV on the Go -- A large amount of the global installed mobile phone network TV client, support for the massive high-definition video content "live + on demand" function, can watch online movies, television, animation, entertainment, sports, games, financial information and other rich video entertainment and completely free of charge, is a necessary installed software that widely respected .


1, HD Theater: True Hd theater, remain within doors can watch the most new cinema movies
2, Sports live: NBA live, football match live, an essential tool of sports fans
3, The variety of live: Taiwan variety, the new idol drama broadcast, is the most loving for the indoorsmen and indoorswomen.
4, TV broadcast: the most popular TV series works on demand, watch TV as you like.


1.2.0 Version of the update log:
1, the revision of recommendation, each channel has some pages of big photo.
2, increase the program download function
3, increase the program collection function
4, increase the hot search terms
5, the search results according to the type of classification
6, the optimization program selection


Download Instructions:
 We usually offer three download links, you can choose the best download channel.

 Installation Tutorial: