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Youtube v2.1.0.642

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Youtube v2.1.0.642 - watch Youtube app for BlackBerry 10 - Currently on BlackBerry 10 has no application to view YouTube, only an icon link to the site only. Although BB10 watch Youtube on your Browser is also very good, but it is a bit more cumbersome to manipulate in a dedicated application.

And today, I shared with everyone my Youtube taken from the PlayBook, although it is not tasty, but I see also more compact and easier to use on the Web. And the PlayBook so it can be considered as a native application, running well on both Z10 and Q10 okay.

Its features simple enough to use, who is using the PlayBook is clear, it is not clear who will set up clear BB10

File Size: 4 MB
Required: BB10 Smartphone OS 10.0.0 or higher


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