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Xenozu Youtube 8900 apps

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Xenozu Youtube for blackberry 8900 apps
Blackberry 89XX (Javelin) Curve Series (480*360): 8900
Xenozu is a hot new application for viewing YouTube videos. Yes you can already view YouTube videos on your BlackBerry, but this takes them to a whole new level.

It has a bottom tab with icons including Featured, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Top Rated, Search, Bookmarks, History, & Help. In addition, the app includes its own media player to play the videos you select.

Made to look like the iphone platform (yes I said that) it makes watching those videos so much sweeter.

It’s free to download and run, however it looks like you can only get it in the beloved BlackBerry App World. So be sure and download that too. 


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