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free Shazam v2.7 apps for blackberry os6.0+

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Overview :

free Shazam v2.7 apps for blackberry os6.0+

Required Device Software
6.0 or higher

Supported devices:
Blackberry 85xx, 91xx, 93xx, 96xx, 97xx, 98xx. 99xx

Lovin’ that tune?

With Shazam you can discover, buy and share music.

• Identify what song is playing (5 Tags per month)
• Buy the track
• Share Tags with friends by text, email, Twitter and Facebook 
• Read track and album reviews
• See what’s hot with Shazam’s Tag Chart   
• Watch YouTube videos   
• Search for music by artist and track  
• View lyrics (North America only) 


Download Instructions:
 We usually offer three download links, you can choose the best download channel.

 Installation Tutorial: