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Cool Buuf Deuce for blackberry 85xx,89xx,96xx,97xx os5-6

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Overview :

Cool Buuf Deuce for blackberry 85xx, 89xx, 96xx, 97xx os5-6 : The OS 6 version and OS 5. The OS 5 version has dual docks and the OS 6 version only has one dock but more on the Today screen. 

The theme support BlackBerry 8500, 8520, 8530 8900, 8910, 9600, 9630, 9650, 9700, 9780  running OS5.0 - OS6.0 and higher.

-11 user defined icons(OS 5 version) 
-6 user defined icons(OS 6 version) 
-Hidden today screen for calendar(4 entries)messages(4 entries) sms(2 entries) facebook(2 entries) twitter(2 entries)social feeds and BBM(2 entries). (click the notification area to open scroll back up to hide)(OS 6 version) 
-Hidden today screen for calendar(4 entries)messages(4 entries) sms(1 entries). (OS 5 version) 
-QuickLaunch support(app sold seprately)(spacebar) 
-Weather slot(icon slot 1) 
-Scroll to bottom of screen and click to reveal bottom dock(back key to hide)(OS 6 version) icon slots 2-6 
-Hidable htc style clock(alt + C) 
-User defined fonts 
-Custom menus and submenus 
-Wallpaper friendly 
-Themed call screens 
Open bottom dock=alt + D(OS 5 version) 
Open second dock=alt + S(OS 5 version) 
Close both docks=Back button 
SMS & MMS=$ 
Hide htc clock=alt + C 
Switch back to htc clock=0 
*NOTE : Both docks will close automatically when going from one dock to another.(OS 5 version) 


Download Instructions:
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