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Vegas Casino Cruise for 9500,9800 games

Tag: 9800 games 9500 games Casino Cruise Vegas
Overview :

Vegas Casino Cruise for blackberry 9500,9800 games
File Size   : 1.08 MB
Operating System  : OS 4.7 To OS 7.0
Device Type(s)    : Touch
Model           : [(Strom 95xx) (Torch 9800, 9810)]
Release type      : Retail (Digital Chocolate, Inc.)
Release Group     : PiRaTeS Of ThE WeSt InDiEs
Release Crew      : sAGa BoY CrEw
Packed by   : DoNSaGa (aka Frogz)
Website    : N/A

Game Description:

Casino gaming as it should be ?Vegas style! Re-gain your lost property in Vegas. Authentic casino games ?including Video Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots & more! Beat one of  the best casino bosses in the ultimate Vegas challenge. Or perfect your skills in Free Play!

How To Install Using The BlackBerry Desktop Manager Via Application Loader:

01. Make sure you have the latest Desktop Manager Software by going to your mobile
    provider's website and clicking on BlackBerry Support. You can also download it from
    here: http://www.blackberry.net/products/software/desktop/
02. Connect your BlackBerry using the USB cable to your PC
03. Load up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software, and then the BlackBerry Application
    Loader software
04. Click NEXT
05  Select the USB port, and click NEXT
06. Click on ADD and find the folder on your harddrive where you unzipped the game files.
07. Select the .alx file for the game, and click OPEN
08. Make sure the game file is Checked off and then select NEXT
09. Review the changes you are making to your device, and when you are satisified,
    click FINISH to install the game

How To Remove Using The BlackBerry Desktop Manager Via Application Loader:

01. Plug your BlackBerry into the USB slot of the Computer
02. Load up the Desktop Manager Software
03. Load up the Application Loader
04. Click NEXT, then NEXT
05. Scroll down to the application you wish to remove and place a check mark next to it
06. Click NEXT
07. Click FINISH
08. Click CLOSE

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