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Auto BM 950i V12 FREE (Live Wallpaper)

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Overview :
Auto BM 950i V12 FREE (Live Wallpaper) 99xx bb themes

Start Your Engines! Its not a phone.. Its a Car :D
Authentic. Exotic. Powerful. Fast. STEREO
Auto M9: - Superior Quality Designer Luxury Sport Car for BlackBerry®
This Hi-Res Conceptual Sport Car design for BlackBerry® is second to none. Auto M9 brings the inspiration of German engineering to your BlackBerry® phone in FULL STEREO. 
With OEM Animated ANGEL EYE HEADLIGHTS, HIGHBEAMS, and signature KIDNEY GRILL, we've left no feature behind. Quite simply, your device is not a phone… It's a Car.
Theme HD Features:
The Car comes fully equipped with:
-Superior Graphics and Detail all the way down to the Cars Clear Coat.
-Hot Keys
5.0-6.0 MANUAL device controls BEAMER M9 Controls:
1. ALT + (*)  = 'ANGEL EYES"
3. ALT + (-) = STOP ALL 
4. ALT + (!) = Tint (Home Screen). Hides Animation /Helps Viewing Messages
5. ALT + (+)  = Starter
6. ALT = (@) = WALLPAPER
7. SPACEBAR = Dock
8. Back/Arrow Key = Send Dock Away
7.0 - 7.1 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Device Controls
-Automatic Transmission device controls
-All animations are automated and A.I.
-Live Wallpaper is optimized for optimal battery performance
-Superior HD Device Icons and permanent Live Wallpaper (Full  Version)
-HD Head Lights (pulse automated and cyclical) 
-HD Angel Eyes (Ice Blue)
-HD Head Lights
c: Calendar
e: Messages
f: FaceBook
p: Pictures
l: Lock device
m: MySpace
d: App World
o: options
t: Twitter
w: Task
v: Videos
x: SMS
a: audio/ringer volume
y: manage connections
d: app world

BlackBerry support model: 9900 9930 p9981
Thanks and hope you enjoy!


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