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BlackBerry adds new channel partners for BlackBerry Radar

BlackBerry today announced that over the past six months, they have added over twelve new channel partners for BlackBerry Radar including two in Mexico, marking the first time the monitoring solutions have been made available outside the U.S. and Canada.
AttriX – A provider of telematic solutions for the transportation industry, AttriX has taken top tier fleet management solutions and integrated their offerings into their own managed portal to provide fleet owners visibility to all their assets. BlackBerry Radar is a complementary solution to their existing suite of products; AttriX customers can manage their trucks, driver performance and now their trailers within this partnered all-in-one fleet and asset management solution.
Big Wheel Strategies – Working with carriers from 50 trucks to mega-fleets, Big Wheel Strategies has helped carriers implement solutions to better utilize information to improve utilization, fuel economy, risk, compliance, and turnover. The addition of BlackBerry Radar to its toolkit now allows Big Wheel Strategies to offer tethered and untethered tracking to fleets of all sizes and modes.
Gray Box Solutions – Specializing in data and system integrations with a focus on telematics, Gray Box Solutions has integrated BlackBerry Radar data into Transportation Management Systems (TMS), with a view to providing clients with full visibility of their assets.
Inroute México – Inroute Mexico's specialty is in-cab trucking telematics solutions for the Mexican market that deliver logistical insights to fleets on driving, fuel efficiency, security and maintenance requirements. As a BlackBerry Radar partner, Inroute Mexico can now provide customers with trailer tracking capabilities, enabling fleet owners to have previously unavailable visibility into their operations and allowing them to better optimize their assets and improve utilization.
Sitrack – Based in Mexico, Sitrack is a leading technology solutions provider focused on helping businesses with their visibility and security needs. As BlackBerry Radar's first ever international distributor, Sitrack can now offer customers in the Mexican market the ability to track and monitor their assets, giving customers comprehensive transparency into their vehicles, trailers and freight.
Targipsum – A leader in route optimization, tracking and distribution & logistics software implementation, Targipsum can now offer end-to-end tracking solutions for customers looking to optimize fleet performance.
The Owl Solutions – Provider of a cloud-based, multi-industry Analytics-as-a-Service platform designed to empower people and organizations to achieve a more ideal supply chain, The Owl Solutions is working with BlackBerry Radar to give its customers access to trailer and asset data to complement its existing solution.
"We continue to open up new business and sales channels for BlackBerry Radar that were previously untapped and we are confident that each will serve as growth engines for our business, fueled by demand for asset-monitoring technologies that provide transportation business owners with the most aggregate view of their operations," said Christopher Plaat, SVP and GM, BlackBerry Radar.