10 - 24

BlackBerry OS autoloader files now available!

Seems BlackBerry has had an older OS floating around their servers for BlackBerry 10 devices that someone decided should be rolled out at some point. The files needed to create OS autoloaders have now been posted in the forums for all.

According to the files, the OS is REALLY from July but hey, beggars can't be choosers at this point when it comes to BlackBerry 10 updates. But I hear you say 'Bla1ze, what is new in this OS? I need to know!' and to that I say, no one knows right now, it could be something, it could be nothing, it's all very magical and mysterious at this point and quite exhilarating if you're even considering the possibility of loading it.
As always, the files made available in the forum are provided as-is but if you simply cannot wait for the official OTA to be sent out or are on a carrier in which updates are not provided, using the autoloader files are the best way to get your device updated.