10 - 02

MPP Michael Harris name-drops the unreleased DTEK60 in Ontario Legislature speech

While much of the media was busy writing obituaries and retrospectives for BlackBerry handsets, Michael Harris, MPP (Kitchener—Conestoga) was busy letting the Ontario Legislature know the facts behind BlackBerry's announcement.
The speech itself was pretty great as it lays out the reality of the situation at BlackBerry, granted it might not be the reality that some folks had hoped for BlackBerry handsets, but it's how things will continue. Listen carefully, though, because whether intentional or not the MPP name-dropped the still officially unannounced BlackBerry DTEK60.
There was also a somewhat out of place mention of Passport, which makes me wonder, could the rumored 'Mercury' end up being branded a Passport 2 of sorts? I know BlackBerry noted DTEK branding would be used going forward but if the 'Mercury' really is the last in-house designed BlackBerry, maybe they want to use the Passport branding. Total speculation on my part, perhaps I'm just overthinking it. I've been known to do that at times. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

SOURCE : http://crackberry.com/