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Extra Spatials 3D

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Extra Spatials 3D - blackberry games download
After the Big Bang, humans stayed in the Space, the interior area of the bang and they settled on the planet they named the World. While the Daivas continued to live in the Nullzone, the outside of the Space under the leadership of their chief Zahak.

They learnt about travelling in time and they started to search for their eternity. However, in all cases their way was interacting with humans and they were losing their dominance. They decided to change their destiny and started to visit the World. They were continuing to search for their strongest state at that time, while also they worked on weakening humanity enough to win in the future. They were able to read the human brain and to drive it. They wanted to pick quarrels between humans, to weaken them and then destroy them. One of their teams arrived on Earth in 2001 and they started their work in Casablanca.

The United Nations sent a research team to Morocco, regarding the chaos happening in Casablanca after the observation of a strange light in Space. The chief of the team was Commander Meemo, one of the best soldiers in the UN. The team descended to the ancient underground tunnels of the Old Medina quarter and they started their research.

What they didn't know, was that they would go into a very important battle so save humanity!

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