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FlightView v1.5.1 for blackberry apps

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FlightView v1.5.1 for blackberry apps
Blackberry 81XX Series (240*260) Pearl Devices Models: 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130/Blackberry 82XX Series (240x320) /Blackberry 83XX Series (320*240) Curve Devices Models: 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i, 8900/ Blackberry 87XX Series (320*240) Devices Models: 8700c, 8700r, 8700f, 8700g, 8703e, 8707, 8707g, 8707v .etc /Blackberry 88XX Series (320*240) Devices Models: 8800, 8820, 8830 .etc /Blackberry 89XX Series : 8900Blackberry 9000 Bold Series (480*320)/Blackberry 95XX Storm Series9500, 9510, 9520, 9530

Real-time flight information you can act on. Track upcoming and in-air flights. Use the in-air map to see a flight's progress. Save flights to  My Flights  and get notifications when flight status changes - even when the app is closed.  Enter user notes to add car reservation or other pertinent information associated with your trip.  The app integrates with your BlackBerry® calendar, putting travel information and user notes directly into your daily agenda.  Check the general delay status at major airports in North America to better understand the domino effect of delays and their impact on your flight.  This version tracks flights in North America, or with 1 end point in North America.


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