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The Roommate

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The Roommate for blackberry wallpapers
E · Danish Christian Christiansen, whether at home or first timers in Hollywood, are regarded as thoroughly newcomers. Local 2006 film "Sentimental zone" is the director of his first works, and then the family film "doubles flying saucer" is perhaps its "into the body," a stepping stone to Hollywood. The early years in a Danish horror film "Sidste time" in a guest appearance, laid Christiansen basis for the final step into the film industry. In his films focus on characterization and atmosphere of the rendering context, it seems that the typical business model and Hollywood has a little different kind of different. Denmark in the case of limited experience are always able to surprise the audience.

Film "roommate" in the starring lineup, the collection of a group of new generation of attractive men and women in Hollywood, as star of "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester Li fame and fortune in the film to a new image appearance, Humphreys said the highlight of the film. In addition, including participating in the exercise off "Twilight" the Kai Muji Gan Dai, starred in the "scandal plan" Alison Michael Card, "left women are crazy" in the Little Miss Danielle Harris.

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