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I Am Number Four

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The film adaptation of Jubilee - Hughes and James - Fred comic co-creator of the same name, the original total of six as much as the first film are based on the series. That is, if the popular Disney film at the box office turned into a series of its lack of ambition. This is from a strong team behind the scenes can be discerned, the director who directed the "Hawkeye," the DJ-Kalu Suo, the producer is to create a "Transformers" series "fireworks master" - Michael Bay , there are big-time director Steven - occupying executive producer Steven Spielberg.

Saying that "Eagle Eye" director and Michael - Bay, the only intersection of the two is that Mejia - Labo Fu! Because today's hottest celebrities who were in two films as director have two main characters, and in fact Mejia - La Bofu indeed been invited to film the protagonist, but finally he offered to quit, so there will be some England young actor Alex - Padi Fu to join us. After the handsome young 90 year niche for "Storm Raiders," in one fell swoop became popular a few years increasingly sophisticated carved face. Finally again in 2011 the impact of Hollywood, "the fourth key number" and "Beastie Boys" two-pronged goal is nothing less than shaping a new idol of England! Plus a "teleporter" the actress Tai Lisha - Palmer and "Glee" in Deanna - Age Long, together form a triangle-style Harry Potter Twilight lineup. But while the director in their natal action + suspense on the subject of science fiction elements added, but the thick Teenage pop decided to locate the general level of the film, but it now appears, but is the second film, "Percy Jackson and the Lightning The Pirates! "

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