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Pot and Pan paid theme

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Tag: Pot Pan
Overview :
For OS 7 : 
* Due to the bugs on OS 7 theme sometimes your music icon maybe hidden on the home menu, it's not gone
* Sometimes, the search button on the homescreen didn't work, you have to search from the universal search on the home menu
* If your icon on the folder move to out of the folder, it's because the bugs on OS 7, not because the theme
* Don't forget to reboot your blackberry after applying new themes
For OS 5 & 6 :
* Everything works well on OS 5 & 6
* 0S 6 using CLOSE TRAY menu
* Don't forget to reboot you BlackBerry after applying new themes
* Please kindly let me know if you find a problem on this theme by Twitter, Email or FB.. Thanks
Thank you for downloading my themes, hope you like it..


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