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Wiz Khalifa - See You Again

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Tag: Paul Walker
Overview :

Miss Paul Walker movie theme song quickly became popular see you again! All the way, do not want to say goodbye! !

I really want to know
If you need me so
Or tell me,if this's just a dream
I want to give you everything
And make you my queen
And please say"yes",don't say "no"
Cause promises I will keep them all to you
I'll try to make everything all right
Gilr(hold me)please,please tell me you love me
If I could only spend one more night
Don't take my heart ,and tear it apart
Cause my feelings are on the line
Can I,see you ,see you again
see you ,see you again
Baby in the morning
Baby late at the night
Can I,see you ,see you again
see you ,see you again
I just wanna I just wanna hold you tight


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