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Night Club Fever 89,90,96,9700 games

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Night Club Fever 89,90,96,9700 games
Blackberry 89XX (Javelin) Curve Series (480*360): 8900/Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360): 9600, 9630 Niagara, 9700
Run the ultimate clubs in up to 6 top party cities! Get the action right to make the crowd go wild at up to 50 hot events!

Get ready to host the ultimate parties! Run the hottest nightclubs in up to 6 top party cities across the globe - including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and more!

Customize the music, design and ambience of your clubs to draw a top crowd! Plus, host up to 50 special events - set the action flowing just right to make clubbers go wild and watch the money pour in!


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