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Cutie Hijab by Cynthia ($0.99)

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Tag: Cutie Hijab
Overview :
-Customized message indicator
-Customized icon
-Customized battery level and signal meter
-Customized new items icon indicator
-Customized focus icon
-Customized banner
-and many more...
Notes :
-Everything works well on BlackBerry OS 5 & BlackBerry OS 6
-BlackBerry OS 6 & BlackBerry OS 7 use Tray menu
-The Calling screens on BlackBerry OS7 themes are the default
-Don't forget to reboot your BlackBerry after applying new themes
-If you get a problem to install the theme, please try to reset your appworld,
 first : Go to appworld-Press and hold ALT + R S T. Then go back to appworld
 -my world-press menu-choose refresh-then check the uninstall list.
 Should be the theme ready to re-install now
-If you have any questions please contact me before posting a review,
 i can't see who you are and therefore cannot respond in reviews.
i'm so appreciate for the positive feedback you give on review..
and don't forget for 5 star rating, it's a support for me to give the best work for you..
thank you very much, please check the screenshot before purchase.
Thank you!
DEVICE BlackBerryOS 5 & BlackBerry OS 6 :
BlackBerry 8520,BlackBerry 8530,BlackBerry 8900,BlackBerry 8980,BlackBerry 9000,
BlackBerry 9100,BlackBerry 9105,BlackBerry 9300,BlackBerry 9330,BlackBerry 9500,
BlackBerry 9520,BlackBerry 9530,BlackBerry 9550,BlackBerry 9600,BlackBerry 9630,
BlackBerry 9650,BlackBerry 9670,BlackBerry 9700,BlackBerry 9780,BlackBerry 9800.
DEVICE BlackBerry OS 7 & BlackBerry OS7.1 :
BlackBerry 9220,BlackBerry 9310,BlackBerry 9320,BlackBerry 9350,
BlackBerry 9360,BlackBerry 9380,BlackBerry 9720,BlackBerry 9790,
BlackBerry 9810,BlackBerry 9850,BlackBerry 9860,BlackBerry 9900,
BlackBerry 9930,BlackBerry 9981.


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