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Black alpha2 85xx,93xx curve themes

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Tag: Black 8520 Themes alpha2
Overview :
Black alpha2 85xx,93xx curve themes : The rhythmic blue-black background and the light gray icon coupled with a dusky blue fingerprints. When gently rolling

This theme has the following features:
1. The advanced technology of SVG makes all themes run more smoothly.
2. 0 is the power, 2 is signal and 1 is buletooth signal (Can't appear on many machines).
3. Cool black style.
4. The design of lagre elegant gray icons 
5. On the HomeScreen, the BOTTOM TOOLBAR can be showed and hidden “the button:7 or (alt+z), 8 or (alt+x)”.
6. TODAY ENTRY can be showed and hidden on the HomeScreen “the button: 4 or(alt+s),5 or (alt+d )” .

The theme is free, and support BlackBerry 8500, 8520, 8530, 9300, 9330 running OS 5.0

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Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: