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Cool black Celic for 9000 bold themes

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Tag: 9000 themes Celic
Overview :

A theme with the nice texture, cool and black, Very suitable for blackberry phone style, recommend installation. 

This was specifically designed for the 9000 series running 5.0

model: bold 9000

size: 653 kb



- Custom made graphics and icons 
- Custom meters 
- 6 fixed icons on the home screen (sms, messages, calendar, browser, profiles and options) 
- Clickable clock on the home screen 
- 5-7 user-defined icons on the home screen (depending on device) including an extra slot for your favorite app 
- Wallpaper friendly 
- Supports full landscape mode for BlackBerry® Torch™ & BlackBerry® Storm™ Devices QuickLaunch hotkey (‘ESC' key) 
- 3rd party app not included, but must be installed on your device 



Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: