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Executive Space for bold 90xx Themes

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Overview :

Executive Space for bold 90xx Themes
Compatible Devices :
Model: 90XX Bold (Onyx) (480*320): 9000, 9020(Onyx)

The "Executive Space Theme" is part of the all new Executive Theme Series, a set of Blackberry themes exclusively for power users. This was created by a CEO of a startup, because none of the existing themes in the market solve most problems faced by him and other power users. He has now meticulously and thoroughly designed a theme that takes a realistic perspective on the usability and functionality of the latest Blackberry devices.

Don't waste your time on fancy themes that don't truly make you more productive and efficient. This theme is made with extreme detail by a power user for a power users.

The 12 icons in this theme are FIXED and CANNOT be customized. If you are looking for customization in the dock, check out the other themes in the Executive Theme Series -- Speed, Focus, and Simple.

CUSTOMIZE THE BACKGROUND AS YOU WISH on all these screens: Home Screen, Application Icons, Lock Screen, Active Call*, Messages*, Phone Log* (* Banner Area only). The background that comes with the theme is a flush black background. The images shown here are merely examples.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE THEME AND TIPS AND TRICKS, email us by click on the link below (Have a technical support question?).


* Now the Home Screen provides you 12 smaller icons for the common tools and utilities that you use the most and gives you space to spotlight your favorite picture instead
* This is ideal for those who do not use many third-party apps and want to clear the clutter
* Now you can use the Dial from Home Screen because common tools and utilities are easily accessible from the home screen already
* Utilizes all existing Blackberry 4.6+ icons so you don't have to learn new icons
* Set any background you like, because this theme does not require you to use a certain background and it won't interfere with your background
* Comprehensive view of ALL your notifications/alerts in the Banner area. Most themes out there can only handle 4-5 icons at once in the notification area. This theme can handle over 10 and you will need as much room as possible as you explore more and more apps!
* This theme optimizes the navigation so you can get to the icon you need to quickly without accidentally scrolling up to the Profile icon
* These themes will NOT remove default folder icons, such as the Setup, Downloads, Games
* Save memory by using this theme -- it is under 40 kb!
* Easy to read clock and better organized Banner
* This unique theme was incubated, refined, and tested by several advanced power users

Minimum Requirements:

* for the Blackberry Bold
o Blackberry Bold (9000)
o Operating System Version 4.6 Only


Download Instructions:
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 Installation Tutorial: