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Far Cry 2 for bb 89xx themes

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Overview :

Far Cry 2 for bb 89xx themes
Compatible Devices :
Model: Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480*360): 8900(Javelin), 8910(Atlas) 

Since the "Far Cry" series after the copyright was purchased UBI, the company has already started the Montreal branch for the development of new, for not only the development of the transfer from Crytek to the UBI, and the background story of the game and the predecessor is also nothing to the game The graphics and physics engine is entirely re-made by the UBI.

For the players to play in the 12 mercenaries in a, in the beautiful land of Africa in the implementation of the assassination mission. Although the predecessor is a series of "open game", but this is the game for the contents of the "open in the end": You can select any of the various duties; to move in different scenarios and will not appear from reading the screen; If you kill a terrorist chieftains, his men will replace his position; can choose between two different forces; not role players will use the other options in other capacities in the game .

With UBI Montreal studio developing a new engine, the game will show the immediate effects of weather and air, all objects also because the new physics engine, and even more real. You can even see a flame the game gradually spread to the entire pasture on fire!


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